Zerozed [X0Z] is using a Diffusion of Innovations based inflation model, along with an industry tried-and-true mining algorithm we seek to solve a long time debated issue surrounding not just volatility but also how to achieve successful diffusion of a currency, global adoption, whilst maintaining the normal distribution and a standard score of 0z.

In other words, how do we create a stable Cryptocurrency that is, relatively speaking, evenly dispersed between everyone alive once new coins cease production.

We believe by utilising the Diffusion of Innovations we can establish the Normal Distribution within a socioeconomic system. We have proposed an inflation algorithm for Cryptocurrencies yet to launch, as well as coins existing today, to set or retarget blockrewards and follow a more sustainable and diffusion-viable incentive model.

In replacement to the standard halving-mechanism employed by Bitcoin and the greater majority of Cryptocurrencies to-date, we demonstrate the modeling of an inflation schedule guided by the theory, Diffusion of Innovations.