Teslafunds [TSF] is ethereum based platform that runs applications and blockchain services powered by crowdfunded tokens.We aim to create user-friendly enviroment for an honest community governing and funding a network capable of paying individuals and businesses for work that adds value to this platform from participants all over the world.

Teslafunds is able to distribute crowdfunding tokens on its own platform. Tokens will be used for projects that are valuable for reaching teslafunds goals. The platfom might host or issue ICO tokens when conditions are met.The Funds and tokens are allocated for development, community, marketing, maintenance, legal matters, further adoption researches and other costs that ensures there are always enough resources available for growth.

Teslafunds is launched in the interest of fair distribution. Miners from all over the world can join the network and mine using AMD or NVIDIA GPUs supporting the idea of unstoppable, decentralized, censorship-resistant, permission-less, unchangeable blockchains.