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Hive OS. №1 OS for mining

Hive OS is an all-in-one monitoring and management tool for your mining rigs. Whether its a single GPU rig or ASIC, or several thousands, you and your team can easily manage them all from a single dashboard.


Be in control

Keep track of hashrates, online statuses, GPU errors, team activity, pool configurations & power consumption. Remote access from anywhere across the globe, troubleshoot and reboot GPUs remotely or perform bulk updates across your entire farm.

Stay notified

Notifications via Telegram, SMS or Email Keep your team notified with our Smart Notifications. Distribute specific tasks to each team member individually. Stay informed on your system’s performance, temperature statuses, hashrate drops and much more.

Supported Hardware

  • Nvidia

Nvidia GeForce 10xx series family (1050, 1050ti, 1060, 1070, 1070ti, 1080, 1080ti, P106-090, P106-100, P104-100, P102-100) 16xx series (1660 TI) are fully supported with overclocking

  • AMD

AMD Radeon RX series family (460, 470, 480, 560, 570, 580), RX Vega 56 and 64, Radeon VII are fully supported with overclocking

  • ASIC

Antminer S9/S9i/S9j/S9-Hydro, S11, L3+/L3++, D3/D3(Blissz), DR3, A3, T9/T9+, Z9/Z9-Mini, X3, E3, B3, S7 Innosilicon A9 ZMaster, D9 DecredMaster, S11 SiaMaster Zig Z1/Z1+

Supported Miners

  • Beam CUDA Miner
  • Beam OpenCL Miner
  • Bminer
  • Cast-XMR
  • CCminer forks available
  • Claymore's CryptoNote AMD GPU
  • Claymore's Dual Ethereum
  • Claymore's ZCash AMD GPU
  • cpuminer-opt
  • CryptoDredge
  • Dstm's ZCash CUDA
  • EggMinerGpu
  • Ethminer forks available
  • EWBF CUDA Equihash Miner
  • GMiner
  • Grin Miner
  • GrinGoldMiner
  • GrinPro
  • HSPMinerAE
  • KBMiner
  • lolMiner
  • NanoMiner / FinMiner
  • NBMiner
  • Noncepool AMD/Nvidia miner
  • Optiminer
  • PhoenixMiner
  • RandomHash miner
  • SGminer forks available
  • TeamRedMiner
  • T-Rex
  • WildRig-Multi
  • XMRig -AMD/-Nvidia forks available
  • XMR-Stak forks available
  • zjazz CUDA miner

edited Jan '21

I use HiVE OS, and use 4 x 5600xt cards. the only miner I can run that is stable is teamredminer. I really would prefer PhoenixMiner 5.4 but each time I do, each of my 4 GPUs error out immediately and say this :

Allocating buffers failed with: clCreateBuffer (-4).

Then the rig reboots.

If I run on teadredminer the rig is stable. Any idea what could cause this to be unstable with PhoenixMiner but ok with teamredminer?