Bitcoin Virtual Gold [BVG] was created as a result of failure and persistence to find an improved approach to spreading the control of what determines Bitcoin's best chain. Originally, bitcoinVBR submitted the VBR code as a pull request to the Bitcoin core team. bitcoinVBR created BitcoinV to give the community a form of Bitcoin that doesn't suffer from mining centraliztion.

After a Recent Abstract in our Community, founding member wow92 decided to continue the project with a clean start. We are hoping that we will continue the legacy of the creator NullFunctor and grow our community to the fullest. This time With the Help of the community, we are going to decide our members who will have specific tasks with the target of growing Bitcoin Virtual Gold.

What BitcoinVG offers?

  • Long-term store of value

A better form of digital gold than Bitcoin.

  • More protection from 51% attacks

The community's coin volume controls the main chain, not the blocks with the most mining work.



Mining Pools: