iBitcoin [IBTC] is a NEXT generation decentralized based Feature cryptocurrency. The foundation of iBTC network is on BTC code base. iBTC has been revived and has mined a total of 25 Million iBTC. 16 Million iBTC are for swapping the exchanges and 9 Million iBTC are for future exchange listings and bounties.

iBTC aims to be a more decentralized version of Bitcoin. This is accomplished using Satoshi's Missing Link - VBR Decentralization Algorithm. The Variable Block Reward (VBR) feature is the engine behind promoting more decentralization. iBTC adds Variable Block Rewards (VBR), a linearly weighted moving average (LWMA) Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm (DAA) to the Bitcoin (BTC) codebase. Adding VBR increases mining decentralization and forms a natural 51% attack deterrent algorithm. Attackers trying to freeze the blockchain will fail due to the added LWMA3 DAA algorithm.


  • algorithm: sha256
  • ticker: iBTC
  • prefix: 1,3,bc
  • supply: 84000000
  • maturity: 101
  • confirmations: 6
  • spacing: 3 min
  • difficulty: LWMA
  • block size: 1MB
  • port: 7333
  • rpc port: 9332



Mining Pools: