CoinBe [CNBE] is a system for electronic transactions, without a central controlling authority and with incentives for the users who use it as a means of payment. It is a currency structure based on digital signatures, and users themselves randomly certify among themselves the validity of their funds. Users do not need to be identified, acting anonymously and with the security of the point-to-point system’s inviolability. Docker-default mining makes it more profitable for the user to practice and use Coinbe because of its low cost, not requiring the use of electricity, hardware, and other devices, since it occurs simultaneously with the recurrent use of the currency. The incentives paid to users make Coinbe a prize-capable currency and, at the same time, return the value, equal to the prize, to its Docker-default, so that new users can receive incentives. With its own independent processing network that is not linked to any other network, Coinbe is autonomous in market value and regulated by demand, supply, and demand, where the buying and selling value is established by users through transactions. Thus, digital currency is not dependent on any other form of market valuation.



Mining Pools: