Bitweb [BTE] is the world's leading payment network, secure and efficient cryptocurrency.

  • Safety Stability

Bitweb is based on bitcoin and inherits all the characteristics of bitcoin system --- security, stability and efficiency.

Bitweb's supply is limited, with a maximum supply of 84 million coins, unaffected by inflation.

It supports legacy, p2sh segwit and bech32 addresses to protect privacy.

  • Fast Transaction

In bitweb, the upper limit of the block is 100 megabytes, which is 100 times that of bitcoin. At the same time, it supports Segwit isolation witness.

It provides transaction capacity for bitweb. With segwit isolation witness, it may never reach 100 megabytes.Lower transaction fees.

Bitweb's every block time is 60 seconds, so its transaction speed is very fast, 10 times that of bitcoin.

  • Proof Of Work

Bitweb uses yespower algorithm, which only supports CPU computing, reduces everyone's participation cost, and allows more people to participate and use BTE.

Energy consumption is lower, and miners can get rewards for participating in mining, with 50 BTE coins per block.

Bitweb uses LWMA difficulty adjustment to halve the production per 840000 blocks.

  • Value Storage

An effective cryptocurrency has a wide enough equitable distribution to ensure that all coin supply is not concentrated in the hands of very few people.

Bitweb is a P2P money system based on bitcoin. It inherits all the features of bitcoin and makes further improvement and Optimization on the basis of bitcoin. Bitweb is successful. We hope more people will participate in and use BTE.

To get more people to know bitweb, we mined 2.58 million coins in advance for infrastructure development.

That's only about 3% of the maximum supply, so we want bitweb to be better and replace bitcoin as the cryptocurrency for payment.



Mining Pools: