Cducoin [CDU] ia a new launch with a new design, new code and new team.

  • Specifications:

ASICS friendly

51% attacks resistant

Adopts Segwit transations

Uses the POW (Proof of Work)

Algorithm: SHA256

Block Time: 6 seconds

Block Reward: 6 CDU

Difficulty: 16 blocks

Halving: 700 mil blocks (133 years)

Ticker: CDU

Block size: 4mb

P2P Port: 8077

RPC Port: 8076

Max supply: 8,399,999,992

POW Confirmations: 26

  • ASIC friendly

Cducoin can be mined with: CPU, GPU and ASICS which increases the mining cost and gives value to the coin.

  • 51% attacks resistant

Checkpoints and more consensus are protecting the blockchain

  • SHA256

Blocks are being calculated by Proof Of Work (POW) using SHA256 algorithm.

  • Long Halving

Halving happens every 700 milion blocks, approximately 133 years. It increases the mining phase to an almost infinite period.

  • Adopts SegWit transactions

Called Segregated Witness, SegWit is a protocal which allows more transactions to be sent per blocks and increase the transactions' speed.

  • Maximum Supply

The maximum amount of CDU coins is 8,399,999,999 (8.4 billion) a very huge amount on a very mining phase giving a chance to everyone to mine CDU even the last joiners.



Mining Pools: