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WhatCoin [WATC] [GhostRider]

WhatCoin [WATC] began as the fairly simple idea, spread ghostrider into more by leveraging smart contracts, trustless transfers and the automation of assets and WATC [Whatcoin].

The project is still new, we do not have an official roadmap. We have memes and coins.

Whatcoin is a fork of Raptoreum, which forked Dash.

  • Real Money, Real Value

WhatCoin isn't just hypothetical cash, it's ACTUAL cash. Every coin you own will be worth something and can be used to buy/sell goods like any other form of currency!

  • Built on Transparency

The WhatCoin development team believes that trust is earned. For this very reason, we share with you everything related to the project, from updates to future plans.

  • Stateless

As a decentralized cryptocurrency, WhatCoin is stateless and does not belong to any one government or state. Regardless of what happens in the world, WhatCoin will remain unaffected.

  • Smart Rewards

Our smart block reward system aims to benefit miners, holders, and the very network itself. The block reward is split into these 3 categories: miner rewards, airdrops slush pool, and network maintenance



Mining Pools:


On what all exchanges it will be listed and what is the expected price for WATC ?

Even if it doesn't mean much, it's nice to see new PoW coins, even if the goal is just mining and then dumping, the real fun is in mining and getting the feeling of reward. Tokens don't provide that, but getting straight to the point, what is Whatcoin for? In fact, they were very creative in creating the name too. What is the relationship with Raptoreum?

Were are tokenomics? Pre-mine and so on?