Zurcoin [ZUR] is unlike any other protocol around today. At the same time, it's a bit like a number of the largest blockchains in existence. Much of this has to do with Zurcoin's somewhat mixed heritage as a Bitcoin fork installed on Quark algorithm.

The basic concept of Zurcoin is that it's a hybrid between Bitcoin and Quark. The Zurcoin Blockchain is comprised of the same software code as Bitcoin is, and so it is an effective store of value just like Bitcoin is (except with a less centralised coinbase holding).

When Zurcoin was first created in 2013, there were only 65 other digital assets in existence, and all of them were part of their own Blockchains.

Today, there are almost 10,000 digital assets listed at CoinMarketCap alone, and among those Zurcoin stands out as one of the original 100 deployed Blockchains worldwide. This early-mover status today gives Zurcoin somewhat of a higher perceived value among cryptocurrency investors than for other coins.

Zurcoin mines on the Quark algorithm and is Proof-of-work based. It mines up to 127,500,000 coins, with a block time of 42 seconds and halvening events every 1.5 million blocks. This makes it one of the longest Blockchains in the world, which means that it's super-secure and one of the most trusted networks for the storage and transmission of digital assets.

Today, ZUR is best known as a major early cryptocurrency traded on Top 10 CoinMarketCap exchanges.



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