LeefCoin [LFC] is a Digital Cryptocurrency based on the Blockchain technology and a Proof of Work algorithm. The LeefCoin Network is completely decentralized, which means that there is no financial organization that controls LeefCoin's Network, and there will never be. In short, LeefCoin is an improved version of Litecoin, which is an improved version of Bitcoin.


A blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of data sharing between computers. LeefCoin's network is using the blockchain technology as a decentralized database of the money each user owns, every computer has a copy of how many coins each user owns, so if someone will want to hack the network, there is no hackable centralized database.


Most of the information inside the LeefCoin network is encoded using the Scrypt hashing algorithm. There is also some information encoded using other hashing algorithms. In order to brute-force a private key of an address, you will need hundreds of years just to brute force one address!


Every computer in the network has a copy of how many coins each user owns, but it is still a private network. The LeefCoin wallet is based on addresses and keys. If I have your address, I can send coins to your wallet, as well as look at your balance, but I can't know your name. If you will give me the private keys of your wallet, I will be able to spend coins from your wallet.



Mining Pools: