HealthCareCoin [HCC] was created as a charitable project to fight COVID-19 worldwide, with a focus on the most affected regions. Our team has created this project in order to help those affected by COVID-19, also to prevent the spread of the virus and support the hospitals and those in need of medical care and equipment, in addition to support the hospitals and those in need of medical care and equipment. We would like to share this project with you and ask for participation.

We are issuing a digital currency, the funds of which will go to help in the fight against COVID-19. 50% of the funds raised by the HealthCareCoin platform goes to charity., In addition, 10% of each mined block goes to charity projects voted on by DAO (Masternode).

The x11 hashing algorithm uses 11 hashing steps with different functions (bmw, blake, jh, groestl, skein, keccak, cubehash, luffa, simd, shavite, echo). This approach offers a number of advantages over the conventional Scripts and SHA256. This hashing system was first introduced in 2014 by DarkCoin (later renamed DASH) and is well accepted by the mining community.

Simple and affordable

Cryptocurrency is open to everyone, including residents of regions where other financial services are not available

Low transaction costs

Transactions in cryptocurrency systems are carried out on the P2P principle, without the participation of a central supervisory authority. Reducing network maintenance costs allowing you to significantly reduce the commission of transfers

Data protection

When paying for goods using banking systems, you risk your personal data, which can be intercepted and used by criminals. When using cryptocurrency, you do not transfer any personal data, so you can be sure that your personal information will be secure


In the banks, it takes up to several days for an international transfer, while cryptocurrency can be transferred anywhere in the world in a couple of minutes



Mining Pools: